28 Nov, 2023
In the realm of power storage, technology has made remarkable strides, shaping the way we harness energy for a multitude of applications. Among the innovations that have revolutionized battery technology,…
In a world where vehicular movement has become an integral part of modern society, the simple yet indispensable traffic light stands as a silent sentinel, orchestrating the intricate dance of…
In the intricate tapestry of urban infrastructure, there are certain elements that capture our attention and curiosity, despite their everyday presence. Among these, the unassuming yet essential traffic light stands…
In the realm of art and culture, few creations have garnered as much intrigue and fascination as Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. The question that has echoed through…
In the grand tapestry of our planet's natural processes, one question stands out as a beacon of curiosity: "How is soil formed?" Beneath our feet lies a dynamic and intricate…

Why Not Get Yourself An Computer Education Today?

Those who are aspiring to have a career in the computer industry, or anyone who desires to have more in-depth knowledge about them for their personal use, needs to look in the direction of computer education. But you will need to identify the area you want to focus on before you enter the fray.

Stuffs called software are the vehicles behind all the wonderful things performed by computers, and some computer education courses are designed solely for teaching people how to us…

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Why Do You Need Any Education At All?

Having the right education puts you right among the potential experts. With time You will be considering yourself as a such.
It is a nice vision to become an expert. To be able to say, I know the subject so well, so ‘just ask me questions’…
A lot of people, don´t dare, they procrastinate to start a new ideas, professions or employ any news in their lives. They mean to leave to later, like to this proverbial “tomorrow” day – that never comes, by the way!
Well it is about winning against yourself!

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Before proceeding to explain vectors, I’ll like to ask a simple question, “Do you know what physical quantity is ?”. If answer is – ‘Yes’, we are safe to go ahead but in other scenario I’ll recommend reading Physical Quantities. If we closely watch physical quantities, we can categorized them in two. Yes this is […]

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Area Vector

Ohh! Finally you are here and that means you are interested in knowing about area vector! So the question arises, ” Is area a vector?” and the answer is no, of course not. Actually area is a physical quantity that don’t have properties of vector, so it is scalar. “ The conclusion is area is […]

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What is the Meaning of Electric Flux – How is it defined ?

Electric Flux – Definition : Electric flux gives the measure of flow of the electric field through a given area. We may define electric flux as-  Electric flux is proportional to the number of electric field lines passing normally through a  surface. If the electric field is uniform, the electric flux passing through a surface of vector area S is calculated by following formula – […]

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Understanding The Concept of Electromotive Force

In this article I will try to explain the concept of electromotive force. We know that if we apply some potential difference between two ends of conductor electric current flows. But that’s not all as if we look closer we will find that it is not sufficient to apply just potential difference for maintaining current […]

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Electric Field Lines – Deep concept of electric field lines

In this article, we will try to understand what are electric field lines. Actually they are nothing. You guys are trying to look for E-field lines, while they do not exist. We talk about them because they help us understand the interactions of the charges. Think about God, have ever seen him. No, none had. […]

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