22 Sep, 2023

Coulomb’s Law – Explanation of Statement , Formulas-Principle, Limitation of Coulomb’s Law

2 This article is about coulomb’s law. Here I have tried to explain it in simple words. Hope it helps you in understanding the coulomb’s law in a comprehensive way. As mentioned in earlier article, it had been first observed in 600 before Christ by Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus, if two bodies are charged […]

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Experiment to Explain Frictional Electricity and Concept of Charging by Induction

Hope previous articles helped you in understanding Physics in better way. In this article I will discuss a simple experiment that will clear the concept of frictional electricity and concept of charging by induction. So let’s begin with the experiment For this simple experiment take a balloon and  a paper pin. Hang paper pin with […]

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Welcome to Blog @ Physifeel.com : explore various articles of physics

Welcome to the physifeel blog. If you are interested in Physics you are at right place. Here we discuss Physics articles in most interesting way. We have also provided a feature to our registered users to right there own articles, which will be published after review. Here we will be discussing about all branches of […]

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