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Welcome to Blog @ Physifeel.com : explore various articles of physics

Welcome to the physifeel blog. If you are interested in Physics you are at right place. Here we discuss Physics articles in most interesting way. We have also provided a feature to our registered users to right there own articles, which will be published after review.

Here we will be discussing about all branches of Physics day by day, with regular updates.We will be discussing electrostatic, electromagnetism, optics and much more. We will also discuss how to learn how to understand how to demonstrate how to explain under separate categories.

Our focus will not be confined on knowledge only, rather we will focus on understanding of concepts. Our approach will be behind the scene Â

However that’s not all, we have a lot more here on PhysiFeel.com. You may go through our online Quiz Service, for practicing what you know. Our expertly designed program will analyse your results, monitor your progress, give you performance hint, identify your miss-concepts and clear them by repeatedly bringing them in front of you  through Knowledge Box feature we offer.

Also our registered  users will get a customized dashboard where they can socially connect with there friends, if they are registered or invite them to register for free of cost, and create their own Discussion Groups, Quiz Groups for creating competition as its said that competition creates motivation.Â
Finally thanks to our users for their loving support.

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