5 Steps To Creating A 6-Figure While You Work At Home
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5 Steps To Creating A 6-Figure While You Work At Home

Creating a persistent source of income from home can be a discouraging procedure. You know, you could be successful from home, but it often takes much more work than your typical 9 to 5 job. But, if you learn to break things down and keep following a straightforward formula, your home-based business can give you all the earnings and time freedom that you are aiming for in a work-from-home business.

My formula for successful business involves 5 steps. I exactly follow these 5 steps with everyone I come into contact with. Having a system makes my days better organized and also opens up more additional time for me to appreciate the financial rewards that the system produces.

Here is my straightforward formula:

Step #1 Collect Leads:

There are numerous ways to get leads. You can purchase leads, place ads either in papers or on the net, use AdWords, submit your website to search engines, mail postcards, etc. There are many ways to promote. The trick is finding a couple of promotion techniques that are most reasonable to you and fits your budget and then trying them out. Those that bring you the most success can be tricked further to give you the results you wish. Just remember to test each ad or lead-generating technique you are using. From my understanding, I like to talk to those that are in my business and figure out what they are doing. They have most frequently been through the trial and error method and can save you some time.

Step #2 Call Leads:

Most people have reservations about this step. If you like to be successful in any home-based business, you have to pick up the phone. It doesn’t mean “cold” calling people. I never call someone who hasn’t asked to hear about my home business. Use lead-generating techniques discussed in step one for creating leads that like to hear from you and then start contacting them. No matter how much your business costs to join whether it is $5 or $5000, people always want to know that there is a real person behind the business to consult with queries. Talking to them and setting rapport and trust will go a long way to making certain that the prospect joins you in your home business. If you are still a “newbie” to making calls, it would be best to have a script or outline. This is not to say that you read straight from that. Simply use it as a guide to keeping you on right track and in control of the call. Most notably in respect to calls……LISTEN. Listen and note what the prospect is speaking to you. Remember, you are attempting to get to know this person and set their trust.

Step #3 Email

It is difficult to neglect this effective tool. When collecting my leads, I ever get a phone number and email to use in the above-mentioned steps 2 and 3 of my system. Just as I do not start making cold calls, I do not send emails to those prospects who haven’t asked for it. Note that SPAM complaints will destroy your business and your connection with people. When I receive an email, I simply have that email address automatically entered into an autoresponder. Then my autoresponder sends emails every few days to keep me fresh in my prospects’ minds. Autoresponders are a must-have tool for any business. They let you stay in contact for long spans of time while you do basically no work. They also boost the number of times your prospect is exposed to you and your business. Remember this, on average a prospect must see your message 5 to 12 times before it joins you.

Step #4 Direct Mail Information Packet.

With all of the latest email laws and email filtering systems, direct mail is making a comeback. As said in step 3, you want to expose yourself to your prospect as many times as possible. Though, if you employ one form of exposure….your prospect may start to neglect it. So diversifying your exposure types, that will keep them curious. I must declare that I never mail information packets to everyone. Only those that I have spoken with and that have conveyed interest. Mailing the packets can become pricey if you start mailing them to everyone. That said, putting the pack together is very straightforward. I used the ad copy from my website to create the packet. Then I throw in a business card or brochure and mail it on its way. This also makes certain that people visit your site. Many have seen so many websites that they just browse them. They are more prone to sit down and read printed text than read through your website using a computer.

Step #5 Direct Mail Postcard.

Just like direct mail, there is another way to expose yourself to your prospects. These are Postcards. They are fun to create and can be sent fast and effortlessly. Because they are less costly than the direct mail packets, I prefer to send postcards to all of my leads. People love postcards. They do have the garbage mail stigma and if planned well, they can give an emotional touch to your business. I mail a postcard campaign that mails multiple postcards over a period of 50 – 60 days to my prospects. I use a service that automates it and even personalizes every card for me.

Always remember, moderately it takes 5 to 12 exposures to get someone into your business. My 5-step process has multiple exposures per step. For example, my emails contain phone numbers to live calls. One email can bring me three or more exposures. The key to success for any business is to have the formula to follow. Knowing what you have to do each day keeps you focused and lets you keep a track of how your business is doing and what may or may not be working.

That’s it! Those 5 straightforward steps make me a consistent 6-figure revenue from home. Your results may vary based on your business, and your compensation plan among other things, but this process will certainly boost your sign-up rate.

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