3 Marketing Myths that are Stopping you Succeed!
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3 Marketing Myths that are Stopping you Succeed!

I am about to reveal 3 marketing myths that can cause you to lose your sales if your marketing judgments are based on them. I have also discussed a few marketing tips that will help you to shoot each of these myths and will also increase your sales.

Myth #1: People buy a product for the cheapest available cost on the market.

That is not true. if it was, then expensive companies like Rolex would not even exist – Timex would have raced them out of business a long time ago. Buyers are commonly lazy and don’t undertake entire research, though it’s quite effortless to do research on the internet. Even on eCommerce Websites, where it is too easy to compare relative prices of a product, people usually purchase products at higher prices than they could. So what is the factor that causes people to buy? These factors are called buying triggers. The most common buying triggers are:

• Confidence in the seller

• A high perceived value

• Recommendations

• Ease of purchase

How to Shoot #1 of Marketing Myths: 

Show your credentials – for example, we have over 10 years of web development venture – so we know how things work.

Find ways of improving the sensed value of your product or service. You can do this by adding perks or clearly illustrating the value of its purchase.

Make assure that you have some actual recommendations inside your sales letter.

Also, make it effortless to buy your product. Don’t introduce any hindrances to purchase flow such as extra forms, or complicated payment methods.

Myth 2: Offering your clients multiple options will boost your sales 

The truth is that if you provide several options, most customers have hardship in making a conclusion. They often go to a seller who offers a more precise product. So be clear and don’t offer options that confuse your customers and make your selling more difficult.

The human mind works at its finest if offered only two options “buy”, and “don’t buy”.

How to Shoot #2 of Marketing Myths: 

Customize every page of your website to offer only one product – or product package. You can encourage multiple purchases by using a clear (and short) menu on each page.

If you have multiple options for a product or service – then give them each a different name. For example, you can use names like “silver”, “gold”, “opal” etc. This is what people around the globe are doing and it works quite pleasingly.

You should always present easily understood products or services. If you can’t explain each of your products in one or two sentences – how do you expect your potential customers to understand what they are going to buy?

Myth 3: My Product or Service is Needful to Everyone 

Unfortunately, It is not true. Most people don’t think that they need a specific service or product. If you think this myth then you also think that you can grow without doing much marketing or selling. Unfortunately, despite what you know – it does not go that way. Undoubtedly you will find some extremely successful marketers around, but none of them will deny that they did a great deal of market research, testing, and reviewing of their offerings – before they succeed.

Leading your business to success is hard work – most of it is about finding potential clients and then matching them with your offerings.

How to Shoot #2 of Marketing Myths: 

  • Do your homework – locate your potential customers, research what precise needs and desires they have, and what they are desiring to fulfill.
  • Look for a niche market that is narrowly defined. And, where your product or service will prove itself a unique need solver to customers.
  • Devise your product or service to fulfill their needs.
  • Test, Change, again Test, Refine, again Test, and get customer feedback.

Hopefully, the Marketing Myths discussed above have helped you.  

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