5 Ways How You Can Boost Your Google AdSense Earnings
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5 Ways How You Can Boost Your Google AdSense Earnings

If you are a blogger or you run a forum or free online tool that helps people, Google AdSense Earnings could be a great way to monetize your websites. While many webmasters find it difficult to earn $1 – $10 per day, some ‘brainiacs’ have already enjoyed $30, $100, $200, and even $300 a day from monetizing their websites with AdSense. The immediate question is, “how do these ‘genius’ webmasters differ from their peers?”. They think differently! They always think out of the box!
Let me tell you some proven tips which have been accountable for boosting my AdSense revenue by 400%. Here I am listing 5 of them, and I’m sure, if you follow these steps, you’ll notice a significant difference in your AdSense income.

Here are the tips:

Tip #1 To Boost Your Google AdSense Earnings:

The very first thing I did was, I concentrated on a single format of AdSense ad. And, this format is the Large Rectangle (336×280). This format has been proven to work for me, resulting in high click-through rates (CTR). Why did I choose this format? Because the ads in this format look like regular web links. And people are trained to click on such kinds of links.

Tip #2 To Boost Your Google AdSense Earnings:

I choose to create a custom palette for ads. So, I pick white as the color for the background and the border. I did so because all of my pages are built with a white background. The idea is to make the AdSense ads look like they are native to my web pages.

Tip #3 To Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue:

Don’t hide your ads. Earlier, all my AdSense ads were placed at the bottom of my pages. One day, I decided to move those ads to the top. I was surprised by the results. My earnings just increased! Since then, I decided not to hide my AdSense ads anymore!

Tip #4 To Boost Your AdSense Revenue:

Try to maintain some links on other relevant websites, and then put your AdSense ads at the top of the pages so that visitors see them first.

Tip #5 To Boost Your AdSense Revenue:

You can choose AdSense auto ads. Auto ads will automatically optimize your ads to boost your earnings. Google’s engine will evaluate what is working well for you and show relevant ads. Also, you don’t have to worry about placing codes on various parts of the page or updating them. You only need a single line of code in the head section of your page.

Try these tips today, and I assure you your AdSense revenues will enhance. Also, read 5 Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Traffic To Your Online Business Website.

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