7 Tips For Buying an affordable Laptop
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7 Tips For Buying an affordable Laptop

Laptops are earning in popularity these days. Almost everyone is having one nowadays either for work or entertainment. Laptops with the latest technology are presented to the market every day and these latest laptops come with a giant price tag. However, that does not imply you cannot get a reasonable and affordable laptop. I have put together a guide that may assist you in your quest for Buying an affordable and good laptop.

Buy a cheap laptop with older technology

The fast advance in technology makes it pointless to purchase the latest technology at a high price. When a laptop having wireless capability came to the market for the first time, a unit with this technology can cost up to US$2500. Now after many years, you can get a somewhat fast Centrino laptop for less than US$1000.

Purchase a used or refurbished laptop

The devaluation of a laptop value is so high, that after one year in the market, a laptop can easily lose half its value. So if you are scrutinizing for an affordable laptop, look for one which is close to one year old. Not all operated laptops are in poor condition. You will be surprised to discover that some used laptops are still in good condition because their owners are power users or gamers.

Purchase laptops from power users or gamers

I love to buy electronic devices including laptops from hard-core power users or gamers. Let me share with you why I like so. Gamers or power users usually need the latest and most powerful technology to handle their games or power-hungry applications. They often will not compromise for second best. They also tend to hunt after the latest technology. So after one year, they will be exhausted of what they have now and will look to sell off it so that they can purchase a fresh one. Now if you are looking to purchase affordable laptops with up-to-date technology and you happen to have buddies who are gamers, do ask them if they are thinking to sell off their laptops. Who knows, perhaps you can purchase a good and affordable laptop from them.

Browse through gaming forums and local gaming community

if you do not already have friends who like to play computer games, then browsing through gaming forums on the internet is an alternative way to get good and affordable deals for a used laptop. The Internet makes it effortless for you to do this. Go to Google and start exploring gaming forums. Visit each and everyone and see if they maintain a Trading Area. You will find numerous posts from gamers looking to sell their gaming laptops.

Scan through local bulletin boards

Do scan through local bulletin boards around you for affordable deals on the laptop. Particularly, if there are software companies around the area. Software companies do offer their used computers or laptops for sale when their software projects finish. I had gotten a few reasonable deals for my family and friends.

Look for an affordable laptop with at least 512MB of memory

This is particularly important for a used laptop. If the processor speed is lagging, then having more memory can counterbalance the lack of speed. In fact, The size of memory plays a big part in deciding how fast a laptop runs an application. Just by expanding the memory size, you can see a tremendous difference in speed. An affordable laptop with at least 512MB of memory can run most nongraphic intensive applications efficiently.

Get a cheap laptop from a reputed manufacturer

It is very significant because if you are buying a used laptop, the chances of needing servicing are higher than a new laptop. So if you purchase from a reputable manufacturer, you will save a lot of trouble and time if your laptop does need servicing.

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